Guided Salmon Fishing, Tuition & Holidays in Scotland

Enjoy the ultimate salmon fishing experience with expert guide & tutor Ian Neale

Ian Neale “The Speycaster”

Ian offers Spey casting tuition, guided salmon fishing, and fishing holidays on the River Findhorn, River Spey, and River Dee in Scotland.

Expert Fishing Guide & Tutor

Ian is an expert salmon fisher, spey casting tutor, writer, fishing guide, and photographer. Ian is a passionate angler, who cares for his quarry and its fragile environment.

As Seen On TV – BBC, Sky TV

Ian has been featured demonstrating his spey casting techniques on the BBC’s Landward Programme and Sky TV’s Tightlines show.

Professional Fishing Guide

Ian has been working professionally as a guide and Spey casting instructor since 1980 when he owned his own fishing lodge on the West coast of Scotland on the Isle Of Mull.

Ian has extensive knowledge of all aspects of salmon, sea trout and trout fishing, from the smaller spate rivers and lochs of the West Coast to the larger flowing rivers of the East of Scotland, where he has organised fishing parties on the River Findhorn, River Spey, and River Dee.

Guided Salmon Fishing

Ian offers a complete guiding service for beginners to intermediate and experienced casters, whether single-handed rod casting or double Spey casting with the traditional two-handed spey & switch rods.

Ian’s intimate knowledge of his many and varied beats in the area makes him the perfect guide, dedicating time to the needs of his clients over a full working day and offering advice on improving casting techniques and the many aspects of rivercraft to read the water throughout the fishing season from early Spring to late Autumn.

Watch “The Speycaster”

Salmon Fishing on River Findhorn

This beautiful film documents a day in the life of Ian Neale, fishing Salmon in the River Findhorn on the Altyre Estate and The Upper Home Beat at Darnaway. An insight into the fly fishing technique of Spey casting that allows for long casts without much backcasting space and originated from the River Spey in Scotland.

Fishing Holidays, Guided Trips & Spey Casting Tuition

Spey Casting TuitionGuided Salmon Fishing and Salmon Fishing Holidays on the River FindhornRiver Spey, and River Dee in Scotland.

Spey Casting Tuition

Expert tuition on the Spey casting technique for anyone looking to improve their skills

Guided Salmon Fishing

Guided fishing trips for complete beginners to intermediate and experienced casters

Salmon Fishing Holidays

Immerse yourself in the ultimate salmon fishing experience on the rivers of Scotland

Salmon Fishing with Ian Neale

For over 40 years, Ian has helped thousands of anglers improve their salmon fishing and spey casting techniques.

Salmon Fishing Rivers

Join Ian for a Guided Fishing Trip or 1:1 Casting Tuition on some of Scotland’s most prestigious salmon fishing rivers.

River Findhorn

The River Findhorn is spectacularly beautiful and renowned for its excellent salmon fishing, attracting anglers from around the world.

River Spey

The River Spey is the third longest and fastest-flowing river in Scotland and is the original home of the Spey Casting technique.

River Dee

The River Dee is famous for its beauty, royal associations and as one of the world’s most famous salmon fishing rivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spey Casting?

Spey casting is a specialised fly fishing technique designed for longer distances and limited backcasting space. It utilises longer two-handed rods and specialised lines to generate power and momentum. By incorporating body movements and rotation, Spey casting allows for smooth, controlled casts with minimal effort. It is versatile, suitable for various fishing scenarios, and allows anglers to cover more water and reach distant targets. Spey casting is a unique and rewarding technique for fly fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

What is Guided Salmon Fishing?

Guided salmon fishing involves anglers being accompanied by knowledgeable guides who provide expertise and assistance during the fishing trip. Guides offer insights into salmon behaviour, select prime fishing spots, and help with tackle setup and techniques. It ensures a rewarding fishing experience, increases the chances of success, and is suitable for anglers of all skill levels.

What Are Salmon Fishing Beats?

A salmon fishing beat is a stretch of a river designated for salmon fishing. Often found in areas like Scotland, beats vary in size and feature optimal fishing conditions. They are typically leased to fishing clubs, individuals, or guides for exclusive fishing rights, helping manage fish populations and fair access. The rules for each beat, such as fishing techniques or limits, can differ.

How Do I Book?

To book with Ian Neale, the Speycaster, you can use the contact form or reach out via email or telephone. The email address is [email protected], and the telephone number is 01309 641658. Please provide your preferred dates and any other relevant information in your communication.

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