Fishing News Update for week commencing May 6th, 2017

A man holding a fish in a river.

On Saturday, May 6th, Local anglers, Leslie Tyson and Andrew McInnes were having an encouraging day, seeing good runs of fish pushing through the Altyre Beats. Leslie Tyson hooked and released two fish around 10 lbs and 11 lbs. and also a sea trout of around 2 lbs.

The week started out with high hopes even though the water was very low with very bright conditions. Early starts and fishing into the evening were the tactics employed as they progressed through the week.

On Monday morning, May 8th, Lukasz Materek made his start at 8:00 a.m. and went straight into Upper Roan Pool. His first run through the pool with Flamethrower #12 produced nothing, so he swapped his Spey rod for a single hander and decided to give this pool another go with Sunray Shadow. After around 10 minutes of striping the fly across the pool at different angles and speed, he moved a double figure salmon at the edge of the current. The fish never touched the fly, but definitely had a go. Lukasz recast his fly… strip, strip, strip, and bang! The fish made no mistake this time. Lukasz could clearly see the whole action in the shallow water. Unbelievable experience! The fight was great too. The fish tried to leave the pool, both upstream and downstream, and made several jumps. Just what the doctor ordered! Eventually, Lukasz managed to drive the fish into shallow water where it was measured, photographed and off the fish went, a cracking 14 lb sea-liced Findhorn Springer.

Lukasz Materek 14 lbs - Upper Roan Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn
Lukasz Materek 14 lbs – Upper Roan Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn

Through the course of the day Lukasz moved a few fish to the Sunray Shadow and had a few pulls, but no firm hook-ups until about 2:00 p.m., the neck of Roehillock produced a fresh Springer of 12 lbs. hooked on a mini Dee Monkey tied on a double #12. Again, a quick photo was taken and the fish was quickly released. Again, there were also plenty of fresh fish seen running through the beats throughout the day.

Lukasz Materek - 12 lbs, Roehillock Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn
Lukasz Materek – 12 lbs, Roehillock Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn

Tuesday morning, May 9th, Lukasz Materek was on the river by 6:00 a.m. and again saw and moved several

salmon in all pools, but with no hook ups. This was only half day fishing for Lukasz  and just before heading home, he thought he would give Roan another go. He kept changing tactics with no success until he tied on ½ inch tube Red Francis on a fast sink tip. There was an aggressive take and bang, “fish on”! There were a lot of head shakes and dredging the bottom (glad he had a 20 lb leader). Just before landing the fish made yet another run and went under the branch that was stuck in the very top of the neck of pool. He managed to grasp the fish by the tail, unhooked it in the water because the line got wrapped round the branch), but before he could pull out his camera out, the fish managed to part company,  leaving a sea lice on his waders as a parting gift! At this point, Lukasz decided to call it a day.

Additionally, a very early start also saw Leslie Tyson hooking and releasing a fresh fish of around 8 lbs in St. John’s Pool and another fish of 11 lbs in Palamore Island Pool. Both fish were bars of silver with long-tailed sea lice, fresh off the last high tide and both caught on an Altyre Dog.

Leslie Tyson - 11 lbs. Palamore Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn
Leslie Tyson – 11 lbs. Palamore Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn

On Wednesday, May 10th there were not as many fish being seen, however, Leslie Tyson managed to hook and release a sparkling fresh fish of around 9 lbs. from St John’s Pool on an Altyre Dog.

Lukasz Materek then followed with a cracking 11 lb sea-liced fish on a Sunray Shadow from Roan Pool. Later in the day, Andrew McInnes joined in on the action when he hooked and released a 7 lb salmon from St. John’s Pool in the evening.

Andrew McInnes - 7 lbs, St. John's Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn
Andrew McInnes – 7 lbs, St. John’s Pool, Altyre Estate, River Findhorn

I shall be updating my reports throughout the season as always. I also write up a regular weekly report, which can be seen on: www.fishfindhorn.co.uk.

We have some great fishing opportunities available through the season, so please do contact me, [email protected], to discuss your requirements and our availabilities.

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