A Guide To Salmon Flies & Leader Materials

A set of orange and purple fly flies in a black case.

Salmon Fishing Flies

The best Salmon fly is the one that instills confidence in the angler. Such is often generated by previous success, but a strong recommendation for an effective pattern is the next best thing.

Dressing The Flies

We believe that the dressing of the fly is essential. Salmon flies should be tied slim and streamlined. A common error is to add too much dressing. The fly should always appear as an illusion. Too much dressing or colour makes the fly too bulky and less attractive to the Salmon, particularly in clear water. Always buy good quality hooks.

Recommended Salmon Flies

We can provide a selection of recommended Salmon flies in various sizes for fishing the Spey, Dee, and Findhorn Rivers throughout the season. Please let us know what you require, and we will tie them to order. We can supply them by mail order or have them ready to collect at the start of your fishing week.

The photo to the right shows a selection of Purple Cascade and Orjok patterns from size 6 to 10 doubles. These have been extremely popular with our clients, especially in peaty water conditions. We can also tie up selections of flies of your liking to order. Please contact us to discuss your flight requirements.

Salmon Leader Materials

Nylon monofilament line is still the forerunner of leader material for Salmon fly fishing. It is strong, tolerant, flexible and relatively invisible underwater. The strength of leader is chosen according to the time of year, size of river and fish to be encountered and the size of fly to be presented.

Maxima produce excellent monofilaments.

More recently, fluorocarbon leaders have attracted interest. This material can generate strong thin leaders, which sink readily yet have a low refractive index. This may be important when presenting small flies to Salmon in clear, low water conditions. The pay-off, is that the material is a little stiffer and may be more prone to breakage at knots. We recommend Seaguar flourocarbon leaders, which we have found to be strong and reliable.

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