The Best Waders & Clothing For Salmon Fishing

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Guide To Fishing Waders

Waders are considered an accessory gear item, but we feel they should feature high on the list of priorities. They should be warm, comfortable and safe.

Felt Soled Fishing Waders

The felt sole is still the best all-rounder providing excellent grip in most situations. The River Spey is fast, precise and pure, but the wading is treacherous in places akin to traversing a bed of greased cannonballs! A safe footing prevents the inadvertent dip and lets us concentrate on the fishing. Be careful when wearing felts on the bank and walking on wet grass, mud and snow.

Neoprene Waders

For cold water fishing, Neoprene has still to be surpassed. This material is waterproof and very warm. One becomes oblivious when fishing to the cold snow-melt waters of a Speyside spring. It gives readily when bending, stretching and climbing into the car. It only becomes a problem on hot Spring or Summer days when the insulating properties are just too good!

See Daiwa for excellent Neoprene waders.

Goretex Waders

For late Spring, Summer and early Autumn fishing, we recommend Goretex waders with felt-soled boots. Stocking-foot Goretex waders are comfortable to wear yet protect from overheating in the warmer months. Good quality felt soled boots are the ideal accompaniment providing sure footing, ankle support and comfort when walking the bank.

See Simms for excellent Goretex waders and boots.

Salmon Fishing Clothing

We are privileged to have a great choice of warm, comfortable undergarments and excellent lightweight waterproof wading jackets to accompany us when fishing for Salmon in the most varied conditions. Comfort when fishing should never be undervalued.

The following suppliers are strongly recommended:

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Any Questions?

If you have any particular questions regarding suitable salmon fishing gear, please feel free to get in touch.

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