Outstanding Start To The 2024 Spring Salmon Fishing Season

The 2024 season has kicked off with a bang, delivering the most exhilarating early Spring salmon fishing we’ve witnessed in half a decade! This season’s Spring run is shaping up to be the best we’ve seen in the last five years, with the rivers bustling with life and the rods bending more than ever. Allow me to take you through a thrilling recount of a week that exemplifies why this year is setting new standards for early Spring fishing.

Here’s my report providing guided Salmon Fishing on the Altyre Beat.

Altyre Beat Spring Salmon Fishing Report

The early Spring run at the Altyre beats of the River Findhorn continued to gain momentum during the week of April 15th, with an increasing number of large MSW salmon entering the river daily. The weather conditions were challenging, featuring strong, cold north-easterly winds and a mix of rain, sleet, hail, and occasional thunder—a true testament to April’s unpredictability!

Tough Conditions

Fishing started off tough, with fluctuating water levels making things difficult in the initial days. On Tuesday, Graham Crombie experienced a tough break when he hooked but lost a large salmon in the Garden Pool on the Altyre lower beat. By Wednesday, the water levels began stabilising, significantly improving the fishing conditions. Martyn Fryer had a busy day; he hooked and lost one salmon in the Roan Pool but soon landed an 8-pound, sea-liced salmon, marking his first spring salmon catch, which thrilled him. Meanwhile, before lunch, Graham Crombie caught a remarkable 16-pound salmon in the Garden Pool, his biggest catch yet. Further up on the upper beat, Ian Hill-Trevor had a challenging time when he hooked but eventually lost a large salmon at Palamore after a lengthy struggle, and in the afternoon, Graham Crombie landed another 6-pound fresh salmon in the Roehillock Pool. Ian Hill-Trevor, however, wasn’t as fortunate, losing two more fish at the Roan Pool—definitely not his day.

Steady River Levels

By Thursday, the river levels were steady at 1’4” on the Forres gauge. Graham Crombie started the day successfully with an 8-pound salmon from the Palamore pool on the upper beat, and Ian Hill-Trevor finally saw success with a splendid 14-pound salmon from the Garden Pool on the lower beat. Additionally, Guy celebrated catching his first fresh salmon of the week, weighing about 10 pounds, from the Soldier’s Hole pool on the upper beat.

Making a Come Back

Come Saturday morning, the river level remained good at 1’5” on the Forres gauge. Graham Crombie wasted no time, catching a stunning 19-pound salmon on his third cast in the Palamore pool on the upper beat—a fantastic start to the day. Later that morning, he continued his successful streak by landing another fresh 8-pound salmon from the Roehillock pool on the upper beat. Ian Hill-Trevor also made a comeback, catching a 12-pound salmon from the Garden pool on the lower beat.

Conclusion to the Week

The week wrapped up on a high note late Saturday afternoon when Guy hooked and, after a prolonged battle, netted his second salmon of the week—an impressive 22-pounder. It was a splendid conclusion to the week and a commendable performance by “Team Crombie”!

Overall, we have had a great few weeks of fishing and a fantastic start to 2024!

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